The? Taste of the Snowies Festival is back and it is bringing a new spin to Food and Wine Festivals, literally. Here in Thredbo we like our events to have an element of risk. So instead of just bringing together a smorgasbord of the Snowy Region's best providores of fine food, wine, schnapps, beer and more. Thredbo's Event Think Tank have come up with a version of "gastronomic gladiators","dairy daredevils" and "full contact fromage", yes it is the " Cheese Rolling Challenge" [caption id="attachment_12995" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Cheese Chasers going down Cheese Chasers going down[/caption] If you are wondering how a cheese rolling challenge could possibly be risky, then the entry requirements of? a liability waiver, no exposed skin and helmet should really get you wondering. Picture this:
  • -A steep grassy hill that in winter serves as ski run.
  • -A seemingly harmless? wheel of King Island cheese.
  • -A bunch of lunatics in overalls and helmets standing at the top of said hill looking slightly agitated.
  • -The whistle blows and the cheese is launched, being a wheel, it rolls downhill, quickly.
  • -The "overalled"?cheese chasers (see lunatics) propel themselves down the hill in pursuit of glory, prizes and cheese.
  • -One person wins and the rest lose, some badly.
Sounds like a great event (to watch) and that is just to get your apetite warmed up for a great weekend. ?The rest of the program is a lot less brutal and if you are looking for some fun this weekend then check this out: Friday March 6th The Len Evans Memorial Mystery Wine Night.?? Join Hosts Jodie and Toby Evans as they recreate their famous Father's classic "Mystery Wine" journey.? With plenty of swirling, sniffing and not a lot of spitting,? this wine and canape adventure will set you up for the weekend. Book with the Thredbo Alpine Hotel on 02 64576600. Saturday March 7th Free Yoga on Saturday morning is a great way to clear the cobwebs before the Bubbles with Breakfast at the iconic "Eagles Nest" Restuarant at the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift.? Just add $5 to any breakfast order to get the bubbles flowing. [caption id="attachment_12996" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Yoga on the mountain Yoga on the mountain[/caption] The Taste of the Snowies Food and Wine Festival kicks off properly in Thredbo's Village Square from 12 noon to 5pm.? Entry is free and you can buy 10 tasting tokens for $25 with a free souvenir tasting cup thrown in.? ?Wander the Square among a market of the mountains best providores of food wine, schnapps, beer and much more. With special activities for the kids there is plenty of fun for everyone in the Village Square. [caption id="attachment_12997" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Tasting Schnapps in Thredbo Schnappy times in the Village Square[/caption] The fun kicks on after 5 pm with live music on the Bistro Deck to watch the beautiful Alpine Sunset or you can double down with the Collectors Wine Maker dinner in the Cascades Restaurant?(Book on 0264594 200)? in the Alpne Hotel, or wander the Village Restaurants with a choice of eclectic Mexican, Brazillian BBQ, Asian Street food and Gourmet Burgers just to name a few. Sunday 8th March The Cheese Rolling Challenge is on from 10am to 12 noon.? Sign up if you dare. Competitors must be over 18, wear a helmet and be at least a little loopy.? Winners for both Male and Female categories will walk away with a Thredbo Winter 2020 Season Pass so the steaks? stakes are high!? There are also prizes for fancy dress and runners up (or is that runners down?)? If you don't plan on putting your body on the line?for this one then you should at least line the course so you can see the cheese roll and the loonies run! [caption id="attachment_12998" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Winner of Cheese Rolling Comeptition Bringing home the cheese[/caption] There will be time to recover from the Cheese Rolling with demonstrations and talks on the finer points for cusine and cooking from some of the areas best.? Join in free on the Bistro Deck from 12 noon. There are 2 Choices for you Sunday evening.
  1. ?Taste of Thredbo Village Wide Progressive Dinner.
Discover the culinary heart of Thredbo with the Village Wide Progressive Dinner. Enjoy five unique courses paired with five glasses of wine at five of Thredbo?s top dining establishments. This exclusive dinner is the perfect way to cap off your day with friends and go on a village adventure.? At $125 per person it is also excellent value. To book please call (02) 6457 6882 [caption id="attachment_12999" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Thredbo's Chefs line up for the Taste of Snowies Thredbo's Chefs line up for the Taste of Snowies[/caption] 2.? The Wildbrumby Degustations Dinner.? Five delicious cocktails from local company Wildbrumby Distillery paired with moreish dishes. This is set to be an evening of fun, food and inventive cocktails lovingly made with local products. To book call the Thredbo Alpine Hotel on 02 64594100 We still have accommodation available for the weekend on our 3rd Night Free accommodation special? so you can pay for 2 nights and stay for 3 giving you plenty of time to recover on? Monday morning for the drive home with memories fabulous food, wonderful wine and crazy Cheese Chasers to get you through the week.   Book Thredbo Accommodation