Thredbo Mountain Biking

Thredbo Mountain Biking is growing every year. WIth 4 High speed lifts operating for the peak riding seasons in summer, MTB in Thredbo is fast catching up with winter sports like skiing and boarding. You can stry mountain biking on the easier cross country trails around the Village and down the Thredbo River on the Thredbo Valley Trail.

If you want the full gravity MTB expereience there are plenty of trails to choose from on the mountain and there is even a Mountain Bike School to learn the ropes.

Thredbo Mountain Biking is operated by Thredbo Resort and the Thredbo Mountain Bike Park.   If you are interested in gravity riding on Chairlifts or getting mountain bike tuition head to Thredbo MTB for all the info.

If you would like information on RIding the Thredbo Valley Trail head to the NPWS Website or call Thredbo MTB for information regarding trail shuttle services 02 6459 4118

Kickstart Your Summer season Adventure: The Early Opening of Thredbo Valley Track!

The mountain biking locals are buzzing and there’s energy in the air. Why, you ask?  The Thredbo Valley Track – a premier destination for Thredbo Mountain Bikers- has opened almost a month earlier than normal. Located in the heart of the picturesque Snowy Mountains, the Thredbo Valley Track is the perfect combination of fast but […]

New Thredbo MTB Trails

With the kick off of the Thredbo Mountain bike season on the 19th November we have been introduced to some new Thredbo MTB trails for the 2022/23 season. There are 3 new trails on offer from Thredbo located on or around Thredbo’s Cruiser Chair. For the first time Thredbo will be operating 3 chairlifts and […]