Just like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other special dates, we bet you?ve totally forgotten about the upcoming Valentine's Day. I know women try to play it cool that they don?t care, a trick finely honed in the school playground but secretly everyone likes to feel special. Luckily jumping online and booking a sneaky one bedroom Valentines getaway is totally easy and ticks every box to keep your brownie points up. With free? Champagne included for the Valentines booking at the Lantern you can really impress without having to do any more than book a room!? ?The Lantern Apartments have some cool one bedroom options with outside balconies looking onto gorgeous green mountainous vista. A little bit of a rare find in Australia. So come on get your act together and surprise your loved one with a stay in Thredbo over the Valentine's Day weekend from Feburary 14 to 16.


Sandra and Tineke are both popular?massage therapists in Thredbo,?with plenty of return clients as well as staff around Thredbo.?They can do reflex, remedial or aromatherapy as well as a nice relaxing swedish massage. [caption id="attachment_7941" align="alignleft" width="300"] Treat your partner to a professional massage. Photo: Nick Webb[/caption] Whatever you think your partner would prefer. Massages can go for up to 1.5 hours, totally decadent. Call 02-6459 4200 to secure a booking with Tineke or book with Sandra at Edelweis Day Spa on 0447688307.

Spa Baths

Don?t forget to mention to the Lantern Thredbo Apartments (when you call 02 6457 6600) that you may need an apartment with a spa bath if you think you're lacking in the brownie points department. There are a couple of apartments with these, even one with a hot tub??on the balcony, looking out onto the gorgeous green rolling hills that may get you back into the good books. Don?t forget the champagne. Most apartments have big cosy king size beds, depending how the night turns out. Or there?s always the fold out couches if it?s your personality that needs the work in the relationship. Keep that in mind. They?re comfortable too. For the personality, there?s always self-help books.

One-on-One Time in the Car

Luckily for those visitors who live in larger cities, Thredbo is a just a scenic drive away, and we all know car trips facilitate great side-by-side conversation, and it?s physically quite difficult to be assaulted with any sharp objects by either warring parties while you converse, communicate, make things right or just genuinely catch up on what?s new. Great for couples who live as ?ships in the night?, an increasingly growing phenomenon as our lives become busier. [caption id="attachment_6310" align="alignleft" width="201"]Taste award winning Wildbrumby schnapps Taste award winning Wildbrumby schnapps[/caption]

Stop Over

Don?t forget to drop in to the Schnapps Distillery enroute to Thredbo. It?s just outside Thredbo on the Alpine Way and a nice little relaxing spot to shake the legs out, have a coffee or buy some gifts. Ph: 02- 6457 1447 for details or bookings for breakfast or lunch. There are a great range of yummy schnapps you can purchase and take with you for your Valentines celebrations. Open 10am-5pm.

Thredbo Activities

Golf, tennis or bushwalks. They?re all at Thredbo and are a great way to reconnect. Sometimes we just need to press the reset button when life gets too busy. And February is Wild Flower time in the high country os you can take a romantic walk out onto the Alpine Meadows at the top of the Kosciusko Express Chairlift for some quiet time in nature.

Special Valentine's Dinner

For a real treat you could try a romantic Valentines Dinner at one of the local restaurants. [caption id="attachment_7946" align="alignleft" width="300"]Wine & dine at The Denman Wine & dine?in Thredbo[/caption] The Black Bear Inn is one Thredbo restaurant intent on looking after your love interest for Valentines. ?? Bookings Essential on (ph-02 6457 6216). You could also take a drive to Crackenback Farm? 15 minutes from Thredbo and experience some of the mountains finest food and a cosy atmosphere.?Bookings Essential on (ph-02 6457 6216) Consider it an investment in your relationship to put in the time over the Valentines period. And if all else fails after more one-on-one time, there?s always red roses. Cheaper a few days later, albeit if a tad droopy. Over the summer period the Lantern Thredbo Apartments have a three nights for the price of two special ?which is available over the Valentine's Day weekend and you can still have the Free Champagne and Flowers! So don?t miss out on a great opportunity to totally get it right with your loved one while the grass is green on the hills. Remember, the grass is always greener in Thredbo.