The Thredbo Bobsled is an experience of all the senses, it's not just a fun ride. There is nothing quite like the smell of the Australian bush on the way down. Purple, white and yellow profusion of wildflowers surrounding every angle of your eyeballs, if they?re not already bombarded by brilliant blue sky. Long grass tickling your legs. And there?s the trip down the hill, breeze blowing from gentle to wind tunnel, depending on your speed. [caption id="attachment_7778" align="alignleft" width="300"]For a thrilling ride For a thrilling ride[/caption] Downhill consists of a series of nine twists and turns controlled by a brake handle in the centre of the bobsled. For speed junkies flying down at maximum speed the rails are placed at shoulder height. The bobsled ride is exhilarating. Speed is fairly easy to control, which is why parents of young children can still participate. A ?Sunday drive? is entirely possible. Keep it on the bucket list for the pensioners. It is a thrill catered to people to whom the word THRILL means entirely different things. That?s the Thredbo Bobsled experience, clearly not just for adrenalin junkies. ?The bobsled itself is a cross between a go-kart and a toboggan, and can accommodate anyone aged 9 and above riding alone and under 9 if they ride with a responsible adult. Responsible, because it is a ride that requires the driver in control of the single up-down brake to be in charge of their own speed and to be wary of other riders. This is not a ride to say 'I?m 9, if you?re really 6', because you need awareness and control to avoid (the very rare but possible) collisions, usually occurring at the end of the ride, when those who haven?t jumped straight off might sit idly gazing into space contemplating what Santa might bring them for Christmas. [caption id="attachment_1377" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo_Bobsled_Family_Fun 700 metres of luge style track![/caption] If you?re lucky, you may have the whole ride to yourself, not another rider in sight. Nana?s day out with the grandkids, single parents, or just parents needing to show their kids ?a thing or two? it?s a fun day out. The Thredbo Bobsled is completely underrated as an experience, but also as a reasonably priced Thredbo activity. Lots of activities are single-use only, but the bobsled goes the distance (no pun intended) as you can purchase several rides and use them either over a few days on your summer holiday in Thredbo, or for when you return on your next visit. The Thredbo Bobsled price is as follows: A single ride is $7, 6 rides for $36, 10 rides for $50 and 20 rides for $97. Buy the tickets at Thredbo Sports. No need to advance purchase. Stay down at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments this summer and stroll down to the Bobsled, less than a 5 minute walk, or make it just one of your activities on your list that may include bushwalking or mountain bike riding. Take advantage of the 3 nights for the price of 2 Thredbo accommodation summer special.