Mountain biking in Thredbo is a great way to explore the outdoors and have some fun at the same time. It's also perfect for families because it is a sport everyone can enjoy.

If you're thinking about coming to Thredbo to do some mountain biking, check out these mountain biking trails in Thredbo suitable for beginners and kids. We’ve also included an out of town ride half an hour away in Jindabyne.

Best Thredbo Mountain Biking Trails for Kids

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Thredbo Mountain Bike Trails

Beginner Skills Park

Before you embark on a day of riding, warm up at the Valley Terminal base's beginner skills park. This is where kids can practice cornering, braking, and other techniques here because it features a small rock garden with berms and rollers.

Bobsled Path

This is one of the easier paths, lying lower in the valley and providing a chance for mountain bikers to enjoy the views of Thredbo Village. This smooth-flowing track has no technical sections, and numerous berms and little table top jumps, which makes it perfect for beginners and for kids.

Friday Flat Loop

With a total distance of 2.4 km, this is an all-mountain bike fun trail. The smooth flow terrain is ideal for kids or inexperienced riders. By starting with these simple challenges, your kids can improve their bike riding skills, and you can let them try some more advanced trails later on.

Pipeline Path

This is a signature trail option among biking enthusiasts when they go biking with kids. There are lots of easy obstacles in a short distance of 2km, which beginner riders can have fun with and learn mountain biking skills at the same time. Check out the map on the Thredbo website for more information on these trails.

father and son biking

Out of Town Ride

Lake Jindabyne Foreshore Trail

This is an easy 7 km trail that traverses along the shore of Lake Jindabyne, close to town. It is suitable for all ages and abilities and is often recommended for kids and a great introduction to a single track.

What to bring when going mountain biking with kids:

  • Snacks 

Typically, bike park trails do not have shops, so you’ll need to bring your own food to keep kids energised while out on the trail. Think snacks, such as energy bars, chocolate, biscuits, dried fruits, and nuts.

  • Water

It is not fun to run out of water on a mountain bike trail. Everyone will need their own bottle of water to stay hydrated on their alpine mountain biking adventure.

  • Bike helmet

Kids can get adventurous when they are having fun so spills are always a possibility especially in semi-rough terrain. A durable, well fitted bike helmet is essential to keep them safe and comfortable on those longer rides.

  • Bike gloves

A lot of mountain bike gloves don't have enough padding for kids, so look for a pair that’s comfortable and has enough padding around the knuckles.

5 Safety Tips for Biking with Kids

Easy biking trail for kids

Here are some tips for an adventurous but safe day of biking in Thredbo with kids:

1. When biking on trails, stay close enough together so you can keep an eye out for any potential hazards.

2. Kids will always mimic what you do, so be sure to set a good example when riding to make sure they are doing the right thing.

3. Never let kids ride bikes without a helmet or proper gear. Riding with the right gear will put you and them at ease.

4. Always stop at any obstacles or steep grades. Being an adventurous family, you might get overwhelmed with the awesome terrain, but never forget to ensure your kids' safety while riding.

5. Make sure to choose a bike that is specially designed for kids, and that it's the right fit and suitable for their age.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ride

happy kid on his bike
  • Make sure they are comfortable. It's pretty hard to keep kids on a bike for any length of time when they're uncomfortable.
  • Make sure they are properly outfitted for the ride, and that their helmet fits correctly.
  • Make sure they're not wearing any loose clothing. If it's the rainy season a water repellent jersey would be the best option, but if it's really hot, choose the wafer-thin cycling jersey to keep them cool as possible. In addition to cycling jerseys, base layers are also essential. A base layer facilitates sweat evaporation. They are also more comfortable since the sweat does not linger on their skin as long.
  • Mountain biking is a great activity for families but ensure you work with your kids strengths and weaknesses. Your child may be able to bike for a few hours, or they may have less stamina and get tired quickly.
  • Be flexible with your ride plan and remember, it is not always about the destination, but the journey!

Thredbo has trails that are suitable for kids, with plenty of variety from easy flat surfaces for beginners to more challenging rides for older kids with more mountain biking skills. 

For further activities off the trail, check out the Thredbo Leisure Centre for ideas.If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. We are happy to help you!