Whether it's a trip to the mountains to escape the summer heat, or a weekend camping trip with your family, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a refreshing dip in one of these child-friendly swimming destinations and popular fishing lakes.

The high country is a hotspot for mountain biking and swimming due to its pristine waters and inland rivers. Lake Jindabyne is just one of Australia's most popular lakes for swimming and fishing - trout. If you're looking for enjoyable activities to escape the summer heat, then here are some more of the best places to swim!

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Why do people swim in the high country

Good for your mental health

Prof. Mike Tipton, an environmental physiologist at the University of Portsmouth said that adapting to cold water can decrease general stress response and reduce inflammation, which may lead to preventing depression as well.

Enhance blood circulation

Cold Water Immersion (CWI) or the Wim Hof method is a revolutionary method that boosts the cardiovascular system, which in turn provides many health benefits for your heart and immune system. It also helps with mental clarity as well!

Gives a break from day-to-day life

Swimming is a great way to get some exercise and time away from your hectic schedule. Not only does it provide mental stimulation, but it also provides an opportunity for self-reflection in the natural environment; by focusing solely on breathing.

Provides an opportunity to cool off on hot summer days

In the high country, swimming provides an opportunity to cool off and experience various water activities. It's not only a wonderful place to meet friends, but swimming in the high country allows you to refresh yourself after sweating a lot during hiking or being exposed to the heat for too long.

It is a total body workout

Swimming, in general, is a great way to work your entire body. It can be an intense total-body workout with all of those pushing and pulling motions that require strength, coordination, and power output.

It burns calories

You may be surprised to know that swimming is one of the most effective methods for burning calories. It's also beneficial in reducing weight because it helps you burn more fat than any other exercise, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle and improved moods.

Offers a view of different fish and plants you don't typically see

As tourists and locals must drive several hours to reach these places, this area is less frequented, thus making it a well-protected habitat. You will be given the opportunity to swim in areas with a wide variety of fish species and many types of plants and aquatic life that you probably haven't seen before. Including the elusive platypus.

It is therapeutic

Frequent exposure to cold is linked not only with weight loss, but also with a number of other benefits. For example, scientists have found evidence that this temperature can speed up metabolism and reduce inflammation in your body. Swimming in cold water has numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity to some illnesses and infections.

Most recommended places

The high country is a place of natural beauty, with alpine forests and snow-capped mountains. The Jindabyne area offers many stunning sights that are popular tourist destinations for visitors to the region. Below are the most recommended ones:

Thredbo River

From Just a 2-minute drive from Lantern Apartments is the spectacular Thredbo River, which offers numerous spots for swimming. However, be careful when you're in an area with fast-moving water. A spring thaw on the fast flowing Thredbo River is a completely different spectacle from the tranquil lakes. The Thredbo River is a hidden gem for any traveller around the country during summer.

This beautiful and impressive river provides an escape to nature within minutes from civilisation in New South Wales, Australia. With a maximum temperature of 17 °C and a minimum of 3 °C during summer, this river is the best spot to cool down and take a dip on the hottest days.

You can also go camping at Thredbo Diggings Campground which runs alongside the Thredbo River between snow gum trees with a forested atmosphere surrounding all the sites, which is perfect for relaxation during summer.

Lantern Apartments are a short drive away from Thredbo Diggings Campground, making it an excellent choice for accommodation.

Lake Crackenback

The cold alpine water running from Lake Crackenback is a wonderful respite for those who want to enjoy themselves in nature and refresh their spirits. Via the Alpine Way, Lake Crackenback is only a 15-minute drive from Lantern Apartments.

Lake Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne is the perfect place for you to take your family and enjoy a day of sailing, fishing or lakeside relaxation. It is approximately 40 km away from Thredbo and is a large body of water reservoir in New South Wales that is home to many species of fish, including Atlantic salmon, Brook trout, Brown trout, and Rainbow trout.

Lake Jindabyne is also known for being an excellent fishing destination for keen fisherman and is only a 30-minute drive from Thredbo and Perisher in good weather conditions .

With Rethynk Experience, you can soon enjoy a new adventure on Lake Jindabyne: fliteboarding.

Rushes Bay

If you feel hot or tired, take a dip to Rushes Bay where you can cool off in the clear alpine water. Aside from swimming and picnicking, the bay is also good for snorkeling, paddle boards and floating on an inflatable lilo. It also has an unpaved path that leads directly to the water, which is ideal for bringing canoes and BBQs for the lakeside picnic. To the west of the beach is Boronga Point, where boats can be launched.

Rushes Bay, located near East Jindabyne, is approximately 50 km or a 40-minute drive from Thredbo.

What you need to know before swimming in the high country

Know what the water temperature is

If you are unsure of the temperature, ask an expert in the area or test the waters before taking a dip because hypothermia is a risky condition if it's too cold.

Wear protective clothing to prevent sunburn or frostbite

It is important that you cover up from the sun, and in winter, protect yourself from heat loss through the evaporation of water droplets on your skin. You should also carry a warm and waterproof outer layer to change into when necessary.

When swimming in cold water you should also consider wearing a wetsuit if you plan on being in the water for an extended period. In cold conditions around 3 degrees immersion in cold water can affect you within as little as 3-5 minutes. In water temperatures around 17 degrees it can be 20 minutes or more.

Swim with a buddy

Never swim alone. It is easy to slip through a shallow area and not be able to pull yourself out by holding onto rocks or a bank. You must have someone to call for help in case of emergencies.

Stay away from deep bodies of water, especially if you're not sure of its depth

If it is your first time, better yet, if you are alone, do not to risk it and stay away from areas of water with depths unfamiliar to you. The bottom of a pool or lake could have anything such as rocks, mud, and other foreign objects that could cause injuries.

Know your limits

It is imperative to know your body limits and know when it's time to turn back. You might be able to go further than most people but that doesn't mean that you are invincible. Be safe by calculating how far you think you can go in to swim before entering the water.

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