Planning a trip with your family can be exacting as much as it is exciting. Of course, no one can deny that having a family trip every once in a while is good for the relationships between the members of the household. However, it also comes automatically for the trip to not only cost a considerable amount of cash; it also brings a lot of things to put into consideration. If is not planned thoroughly, then you can expect the trip to be a complete waste of your time, money and effort. What you need is a clear view of what you want the family to experience during the trip. That said, you will realize that there are many available options in New South Wales alone. Perhaps the coolest idea to consider is a ski trip along the Snowies, formally known as the Snowy Mountains. As part of the Australian Alps and the Great Dividing Range, you can already imagine the beautiful view of the mountains before you even get there. The place is known for having several ski resorts, all of which provide an experience of a lifetime for both new and seasoned skiers. That said, whether your family is truly in-depth with skiing or are just looking for an exciting way to unwind together, the Snowy Mountains and its resorts are sure to deliver the fun and excitement that are to be expected for your little family trip. Of course, one thing that you cannot forget when going on atrip is to secure the comfort of the family during the trip. In your stay in the Snowies, you can definitely see to it that you can acquire the best accommodation Snowy Mountains has if you only know how. It should not be really much of a hassle since there are many decent hotels in and around the Snowy Mountains. Most of these do not only have high end services and facilities, but are also at the most convenient distances from the ski resort. You just need to exert the right amount of effort and be prepared for the expenses so that you can lodge in the best accommodation Snowy Mountains has. In further consideration of what you might want to do while in the Snowy Mountains is to choose which of the various ski resorts you should visit. One of them is Perisher, the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. It has all the pretty sights you can ever want as well as the most exciting ski runs but, indubitably, considering the available Perisher accommodation should also be your priority in planning your trip in that specific resort of the Snowy Mountains. As said before, comfort and convenience is the objective and most of the available Perisher accommodation can be expected to deliver as long as you able find the better ones. Clearly, the accommodation is one of the most important elements that make for a longer planning for the trip. The well-read planning will pay off, though, as it is sure to result to a more exciting yet comfortable trip.