It's a common sentiment, you have never been skiing and what?s more you have a toddler in tow. Don't just send your partner who can ski to have a fun time without you. Go to Thredbo anyway and spend a couple of happy days exploring the village. There are plenty of fun kids activities to do.

1. Take it slow

If you have a toddler you already know that everything in their world around them is amusement enough. Thredbo will delight their senses as so many things are new, such as snow on the ground and on trees. Take some sturdy shoes for the toddler and yourself and make sure you rug up. They don't need much.

2. Bus ride

The free bus ride around Thredbo in itself is a great novelty for a toddler. My toddler adored climbing aboard and getting on and off at all the stops. Thredbo buses are white or black or red. She enjoyed wondering which colour bus was coming next and quickly seemed to commandeer the process of waiting, boarding, looking out the window and getting off at the right stop. [caption id="attachment_8728" align="alignnone" width="500"]kids-activities-thredbo-bus Source: rashai[/caption] The white buses depart outside the Lantern Thredbo Apartments and goes all down the hill through the village and to the base of the mountain. Red and black buses go from the base of the mountain near the footbridge to Friday Flat and back. Buses go all day and into the evenings until 9pm, or until midnight on Saturdays.

3. Happy to play in the snow

Head to Friday Flat or the base of the Kosciuszko Express Chair with your toddler. Just like being at the beach, they are happy to play in the snow making sandcastles (or snow castles in this case). Put some favourite toys in your pocket if it makes the snow castles come alive a little more. In both locations there is somewhere to buy a hot drink and some snacks and get a drink of water. There are definitely worse ways to while away some hours, particularly on a sunny day. Toddlers are fascinated by just people watching, looking at people sliding down the mountain on colourful sticks is quite amazing through a toddlers eyes. I kept thinking my wriggly active toddler had ?had enough? after a short while, but she was quite happy running snow through her gloved hands, squishing it, making balls and piling it up on things.

4. Snow play

Kids love snow play it is the winter version of the beach. . Make a snowman together, roll in the snow,? make snow angels (lie on your back in the snow and move your arms like you are doing a jumping jack)? build snow castles or slide on the snow on a toboggan.? Tobogganing is not permitted in the Thredbo Resort?near the skir runs but you can use them at Dead Horse Gap or in other locations if the snow cover is good.? Take care when tobogganing there are risks on steeper slopes with hard snow. Hot chocolates are an activity in itself. As well as the outdoor cafe at the base of the Kosciuszko Express Chair and at Friday Flat, there are a myriad of food venues to purchase hot drinks. If the weather is inclement the Central Road Cafe in the Village Square is indoors and has a box of toys. [caption id="attachment_8727" align="alignnone" width="500"]kids-activities-thredbo-hotchoc Source: ytravel[/caption]

6. Great shops with kids activities

The newsagent in the Village Square has excellent toys to purchase for your non-skiing children. Lots of colouring in, craft and books as toys and games. There is a supermarket in the Village Square for stocking up on supplies.

7. Sculpture Walk

My toddler enjoyed looking at the different statues all around the village such as the emu and its baby near the footbridge. There is a whole sculpture walk to do if you feel like really getting mobile all around the village. kids-activities-thredbo-emu

8. Prep prep and more prep

Take food and snacks to have a picnic stop in different locations around the village. Get to know your coffee shops and food venues if you're happy to buy a little treat or some lunch before going home for a snooze. The Bakery in the village square sells pies and sausage rolls, the indoor food outlet at Friday Flat has cookies, fries or more substantial meals where it?s ok for your toddler to roam around the chairs without you feeling self-conscious that they are not sitting still. If they have a tantrum they won?t be heard over the happy holiday din anyway. Check the weather on the MyThredbo app to help you plan your day and dress appropriately. Layers are best with a toddler. You can always take off their thermals, singlet or stockings and pop them in your pocket if you?ve overdressed them.

9. Have the right equipment ?

Pack a backpack with gloves, water and some healthy snacks. Pack pull-ups if they wear them or if they're in a full ski suit it's handy to put them in pull-ups anyway as it's doubly difficult to get the suit off if they need to go to the bathroom 'right now'. Take a spare pair of socks if you take them on the mini trampoline as their feet can get damp and they can't wear their shoes on the trampoline. Bring?a carrot, pebbles, beanie and some sticks from home if you want to make a snowman at the snow play area. Bring camera or phone camera to record every precious moment.

Further Tips

Toddlers are not the easiest age so it pays to be well rested, for them as well as yourself. You may need to carry them over sections of snowy ground. Being well rested helps both of you have an amazing day and makes every precious moment count. The day will come when you look back on these moments and be glad you ambled around the village together and didn?t stay at home thinking about what you were missing.

Stay at Lantern Thredbo's Self-Contained Apartments

Lantern Thredbo Apartments is a great option for Thredbo accommodation for your family. There apartments are self-contained and located all around the village. They are ideal?if you have multiple children, and toddlers because they all come with clothes washing facilities for all those food splatters. Having your own kitchen is great too as you can feed them the food they like to eat at a time that suits the kids. They can stay in their pyjamas and run amok and not bother anyone and stress you out. Nobody wants extra stress away from home, put them to bed and have a glass of wine. Make it work for you. Happy days! Who says snow holidays?are just for people who ski?