[caption id="attachment_7463" align="alignleft" width="194"]Strzelecki named Mt Kosciuszko The Strzelecki Statue in Jindabyne[/caption] Ever Since the?indomitable Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki climbed and named mainland Australia's Highest Peak, ?Mt Kosciuszko has captured the imagination of people around the globe. ?Of course the indigenous Ngarigo People of the Snowy Mountains had been exploring the Main Range around this peak for millennium and the names they had for the peak including Tar-gan-gil were lost ?along with the moth hunting traditions that brought them to the Snowies every summer. While Mt Kosciuszko is not the worlds' highest or most challenging mountain, it is never the less an inspiring place steeped in an ancient history of both human and natural significance. ?It is no surprise that climbing Mt Kozzie is the single most popular activity in Thredbo every summer and most Australians would have a Kosciuszko climb on their bucket list. ?We also see plenty of very serious climbers who come to the mountains to climb Kosciuszko as one of the "7 Summits", the highest peaks on each of the 7 continents on earth. The "Kozzie" climb from Thredbo can be done by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. ?If you can walk ? you can climb Mt Kosciuszko, there aren't any super steep sections and most of the path is either a metal walk way to protect vegetation or gravel paths with the occasional stone steps. ?Most people ride the chairlift up from Thredbo Village and start their "climb' ?from the beginning of the Kosciuszko Track. ?From there it is 6.5km to the summit and takes between 3 and 5 hours depending on your fitness and how many stops you make. Probably the greatest challenge in climbing Kozzie is picking the weather. ?Many ? people do a self guided climb and will make a weekend of it so they can choose the best day weather-wise. ?This works in really well with our 3rd night free accommodation deal. ?You can travel to Thredbo and stay 3 nights for the price of 2 and you have a 3 day window to pick the best weather for your climb. ?On the other days there are plenty of other activity options and even lower elevation tracks that are less weather affected if you just want to walk. [caption id="attachment_7464" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Kozzie TRack has walkers all summer Walkers on the Kozzie Track[/caption] Thredbo have also put together a full program of guided walks to give you a richer experience when you make the climb. ?Although you need to plan ahead a little with these walks. ?The best thing about them is making the climb with a guide who can give you a much better understanding of this fascinating and unique landscape. ?Some of these guided walks will also get you to the top of Kozzie at exactly the right time?to view the celestial events that ?stir the soul like sunsets, sunrises, full moons and even eclipses. So there is more than one way to Climb Mt Kosciuszko and here is a list of the 7 Ways to Summit Mt Kozzie from Thredbo this summer: 1. ?The Self Propelled Summit?Walk. ?Check the weather before you go. ?If you are not sure ask ?at the Lantern Reception or the chairlift ticket office. ?Even on a warm day the temperatures up top can be very different and you should always have at least a light jacket to cut the wind, a sun hat and sun-cream. ?If temperatures are down bring warmer gear including a hat and gloves. ? ? Leave early with the the first chairlift up the mountain from Thredbo. ? Remember, unless you want to walk down from the top of the chairlift, you need to be back for the last ride down at 4.30pm, so an early start is a good idea. 2. ?The Guided Walk. ?From November through until the end of April you can take a guided walk to Kozzie on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. ?It is worth booking in advance at least a few days out as this walk is very popular. ?The guided walk leaves at 9.30am and takes about 5 hours. ?The guides are very knowledgeable and by the end of the day you will have climbed Kozzie, understood a lot more about the unique plants and animals that live in this harsh environment, seen the evidence of the Ice Age glaciers that carved out the landscape and heard the history of this iconic part of Australia. ?You will also receive an ?"I climbed Mt Kosciuszko Certificate". This walk is part of the Kids Play Free offer so for each paying adult a child goes free. ?Adults $44. ? Family with up to 3 Children $88, ?Extra Children $30. ?(If you already have a chairlift pass just pay $14 per person) [caption id="attachment_7465" align="alignleft" width="300"]Kosciuszko Sunset View The Sunset View from Mt Kozzie[/caption] 3. The Sunset Walk. ?Available over the Christmas School Holidays December 28 and 30 and January 2 and 5. ?This is a great way to end ?day in the mountains. ?Leave with a guide on the last chairlift ride up the mountain. Make the climb out to Kozzie ?learning from the guide as you go. ?You watch the sunset from the top of Australia with a hot chocolate brewed up by the guide before returning to Thredbo as the stars come out. ?A troop carrier awaits to bring you back into the village from the top of the chairlift. ?$93 per person. Ages 15 years and above. 4. ?The Full Moon Walk.?This is the Sunset Walk with a bonus of watching the Moon rise and walking back into Thredbo under the glow of the full moon. The Full Moon Walk is a must do if you can make it to Thredbo at the right time. ?The Full Moon walks are heading out on the following dates: ?Friday November 7, Saturday December 6, ?Monday January 5 2015, ?Wednesday February 4 2015 and Friday March 6 2015. ?$93 per person. Ages 15 years and above. 5. The Lunar Eclipse Walk. ? This is ?a Triple?header on Kozzie. Just like the Full Moon walk but with extra celestial cheese. ?See the Sunset watch the moon rise and see the full moon lunar ?eclipse. ?An awesome celestial event viewed from the top of Australia. ?You can only see this once this summer on April 4 2015. ?$93 per person. Ages 15 years and above. 6. The Australia Day Walk. January 26 2015. ??This is the Australia Day Special. ?Just like the guided walk but you can join in the special buzz at the top of Kozzie for Aussie day. ?Bring your flag and join in the fun. 7. ?Valentines Day Sunset Walk. ?Say no more! ?February 14. ?$93 per person. If this all sounds a little too tame for you then you can always try Kozzie The Hard Way. Start your walk from Thredbo ?Village and don't ride the chairlift. ?Now that is a full day walk for sure. ?You can follow the Merrits Nature trail up the mountain to join the Kosciuszko Track at the top. ?A select few tackle this walk and it can take from 6 to 8 hours to do the return trip. ?The toughest part is the final walk down ?to the village and if you are looking for a training challenge to get your legs burning, this will do it. Mt Kosciuszko is waiting for you this summer. ?We can book your accommodation and any of these guided walks to suit your group. ?Our 3rd night free accommodation offer is available throughout summer excluding the period from December 24th to January 20th and the Easter Weekend. Book Online Now or call our office on 02 6457 6600 for more information.