Karen and Steve Hulley took their three kids to Thredbo this August for the first time. They had the time of their lives and consider skiing to be their new favourite sport. They especially loved staying in the Lantern Thredbo Apartments and can?t wait to come back. Their holiday highlighted a few things that are common to every ski trip,?so?if you can nail these top 5 tips, we guarantee you can apply them to every ski trip you ever have, worldwide as well as Thredbo. Be sure to?check out our?snow deals at the end of this post so your ski trip is affordable?as well as amazing.

1. Thredbo Shuttle Buses

[caption id="attachment_7214" align="alignleft" width="225"]The Hulley Family at Thredbo The Hulley Family at Thredbo[/caption] There is a regular free Thredbo bus service that runs around picking up and dropping off skiers and boarders from locations around accommodation down to Friday Flat and at the bottom of the mountain. This is particularly useful for families of little kids, or large groups attempting to carry multiple items of equipment, such as ski boots as well as helmets, backpacks, handbags, thermos, snacks or anything else humans love to cart around. ?We wouldn?t have survived without the Thredbo bus?, says Karen. ?It would have been so easy if it was just us adults or the kids were older (baby, 4 year old and 7 year old). Carrying all three children?s skis and everything, it was so great to just jump on and off?.

2. Book Restaurants in Thredbo?Beforehand

Thredbo is a very popular place to holiday and dine and that means you can?t always count on a table at your desired time, or a table large enough to accommodate your group, particularly when it is large. A great holiday can quickly become a fizzer if you are hungry and tired and your evening consists of traipsing around from restaurant to restaurant smelling delicious foods and not being able to take part in any meals. Large groups in particular should decide early on if people feel like steak Bernti?s, pizza at the Pub, Austrian style food or modern food. For checking there are high chairs, special requests or child-friendly options it is best to call ahead. Karen says, ?We went around to a few places (for dinner) but we hadn?t made a booking so it was tricky to get in. Luckily we found a slot at the Black Bear Inn Steve had the best ribs he?s ever had in his life (and he?s eaten them everywhere)?.

3. Research Ski Lessons

[caption id="attachment_7215" align="alignleft" width="240"]ski-holiday-3 Do your research on kids lessons[/caption] If you have family members or friends of different ages and skiing abilities, chances are their ski lessons finish and start at different times. It pays to look online from the comfort of your home, as well as make a call to Thredbo to ask about kids ski lessons. Write down times for lesson start and finishes and plan your day accordingly. You don?t want to ruin or waste a morning or afternoon hanging about if you don?t need to. Time can much better be spent having a coffee, hot chocolate, a meal, a drink or staying out on the slopes. Karen says ?the first morning was a bit confusing, as Lily?s lesson started at 9am and Austen?s lesson started at 8.30am. The daycare was fully booked so we just took turns minding the baby?.

4. Use?Ski Lockers For Storing Gear

Thredbo has ski lockers located at both the bottom of the mountain and Friday Flats. For families or groups with large numbers where you are carrying your own skis as well as another person?s you may like to use these to store boots, poles, helmets or anything you won?t need overnight. Karen relayed that ?The ski lockers at Friday Flats were great. We just left our boots in there and other things overnight?. Certainly sourcing lockers at the start of a holiday can be a make or break if you also have to carry small children in your arms.

5. First Morning Madness

The first morning of any holiday can tend to be slightly more frantic than the other holiday days because you?re using this morning as a test run to set up the rest of your stay. [caption id="attachment_5216" align="alignleft" width="300"]Elevation-Penthouse-Thredbo One of Lantern Thredbo's apartments[/caption] To circumvent this issue keep in mind the longer you stay in your accommodation?the easier your holiday runs. Where possible take advantage of current snow deals and book a week in preference to just a weekend (where possible also book to stay midweek rather than a weekend as it can be a lot cheaper). If things do get a little crazy keep a positive and open mind and realise that it?s just ?first morning madness? and have a laugh. That hot chocolate will taste all the finer for it. Luckily for Karen and Steve staying at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments meant everything else about their holiday was smooth and easy. ?The room was awesome, everything was clean and working, staff were helpful and buses were right there to take us up and down to the ski area?.

Lantern Thredbo Apartments' Midweek Snow Deals

Lantern has a full range of one to four star Thredbo accommodation options?for?last minute snow holidays - check out these two?great snow deals: - Last Minute Midweek Sneak: Book two or more consecutive nights?midweek and?take 20% of the standard nightly rate. - September Midweek Sneak: Book a one brm apartment for two nights or more midweek and save 20% on our standard rates. We hope you take the above tips into consideration and have a stress free and enjoyable holiday this Thredbo snow season. Be sure to contact us for other snow deals or if you need information we?re happy to help!