There is nothing better than an snow holiday with your kids at?Thredbo Ski Resort??during the winter season. Skiing with kids in tow doesn?t have to be daunting. With a little preparation, and the aid of our helpful tips, you'll soon be?booking your Thredbo accommodation. Keep reading to find out just what's involved in organising a?Snowy Mountains holiday your kids will remember.

1. Research Thredbo accommodation deals?

Choose your snow holiday accommodation times wisely.?Avoid peak seasons, especially if you are skiing with your kids and know snow cover may confine you to green or blue slopes, or if you?re a beginner or lower intermediate yourself. There are bargains to be had if you?keep an eye out for snowy mountains?accommodation deals. Check out this?Family Ski Holidays Special?from Lantern Apartments which gives you 3 nights accommodation for the price of 2.

2. Go for self-contained Thredbo accommodation

Ideally choose Thredbo accommodation that has a microwave. Even better an oven or stove. With kids this may make a significant impact on your holiday, in regard to not dragging tired kids out to restaurants at night (more on this below). And if not, research your takeaway food and their delivery options. The Lantern Apartments?has a range of 1 to 4 bedroom chalets that are perfect for facilitating and accommodating families.?

[caption id="attachment_5030" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lake-Crackneback-Accommodation Self-contained chalet with microwave? Check![/caption]

Cooking meals and freezing them prior to the trip will also make life easier come dinner time.?Good options are lasagna, curries, meat balls, chicken pies, or any other pies and easy-freeze and transport food.

The snack side of life can be expensive and endless with kids, especially at the snow when they?re permanently hungry and thirsty, like someone forgot to flick the switch off.

Pack healthy snacks (trail mixes, muesli bars, fruit) and chips, snickers or other chocolates you know they?ll burn up skiing. Buy gatorade or soft drinks cans and water bottles in bulk. Fill up the chalet fridge or pack a daypack.

4. Clothes - Find out if your Thredbo accommodation has a washing machine

A dryer or access to a laundry is even better. If it does, you'll need LESS clothes for them than you think. Each evening put a quick wash on so they?re wearing the same thermals, stockings, socks, undies and skivvies. They only need one beanie each and a pair of pyjamas. They can wear the clothes they wore in the car trip if you venture out for dinner. Pack sensibly - therefore lightly.

5. Go cheap on the kids clothes

Aldi regularly stocks cheaply priced thermals. Target and Big W stock skivvies perfect for the snow. Raid the op-shops for kids skis, boots, ski suits and snow shoes.

[caption id="attachment_6234" align="alignleft" width="275"]Thredbo Kids free Package Kids snow gear doesn't have to be expensive[/caption]

It?s amazing what people donate there. Garage sales in your area are a great source of gear too. Try not to look too desperate when you ask ?how much?? for that really great helmet or ski goggles. Act like you don?t need it and it?s sure to be a bargain.

6.?BYO wine and beer This will help you to avoid bars and babysitters from a cost perspective, as well as an ?enjoy a cold one while they slumber?. Plus Thredbo accommodation is so cosy and warm, why would you want to go outside? 7. Take one frozen meal out each morning to thaw out during the day while you ski

That way a quick reheat is in order, right about the time you?re unscrewing your wine bottle and breaking open all your pre-dinner snacks you?ve brought along. Nothing worse than dealing with over-hungry monsters awaiting adults resolving defrost issues. This can be a deal-breaker. Cut yourself a break.

8. Adapt to the weather

If it's sunny day on the slopes, unpacking some ham rolls, water bottles, fruit and other pack-easy food and sitting on a rock, step or bench can be a great source of Vitamin D and less stressful that shooshing little ones in a restaurant while they gnaw off their knuckles waiting for their lunch order.

[caption id="attachment_2104" align="alignleft" width="300"]Thredbo_School_Holiday_Fun Make a Thredbo snow angel[/caption] Making snow angels is a fun activity and provides lots of great snaps for the family album. If its snowy or inclement weather nothing is better than heading back to your Thredbo accommodation - apartment or chalet?- for lunch and a quick super-snooze.

9. Buy a season pass or daypass?in advance

A season pass or day pass can offer you great savings and to eliminate the need to stand in queues with little kids. They just want to get going.

10. Look for stopovers that will tire the kids out When travelling to and from the snow resort look for stopovers that will physically and culturally tire the kids out. Try thinking of some?creative snow stopovers?enroute to your Thredbo accommodation, including?The Schnapps Distillery (run around the paddocks central) and Questacon in Canberra (tire their brain cells out and impress their school teachers). Remember to be realistic.?It?s family time. If you need a break from your kids let someone else teach them in ski school. Otherwise ski with them and have fun, even if it's for an hour or two and then stopping for a hot chocolate, they'll love you for it.