Thredbo is a whole lot of things, but it?s not JUST a place for multi-parent families. If you?re parenting on your own and looking for somewhere to holiday with your kids that's manageable and not overpriced, consider Thredbo. It ticks so many boxes that are important when you?re after some quality time to connect with your kids. [caption id="attachment_7358" align="alignleft" width="300"]Join in the fun Lots of fun for kids at Thredbo[/caption]

1. Free Thredbo activities and events over summer

Come down to Thredbo over summer and there?s so much to do. Head out on one of the many bushwalks around the village. Walk out on the Merritts Nature Track, past the tennis courts and Thredbo Bobsled and head up the hill at your own pace for a great view. Take a picnic and sit by the roaring waters of the Thredbo River and see if you can spot some fish. Provide you have a licence (available for about $7 per person and lasts all year, supervising parents ?helping? are exempt) you can try your hand at catching a fish, or just enjoy a chat, dangling your legs in the water, watching the world go by. Go for a wander around the village after dark and be ?wowed? by the brilliant constellations of stars, more difficult to see from the city. Bring your bikes and ride around the village or head out on the new Thredbo Valley Track. Take the kids on the playground down towards the golf course. Randy Weiman is holding a series of FREE photography sessions over theThredbo summer. Take down a camera for you or your child and get clicking. During December 27 - Jan 4, Thredbo will host a Kids Summer Festival if you feel like being social and meeting like-minded people who love to get out into the mountains, come along and listen to music or get into all the Thredbo activities (biking, hiking and more) on offer.

2. Thredbo Activities for all ages

Thredbo is not just for big kids, or little kids, but for all ages. There are walking tracks for each age group as well as mountain bike tracks or bike paths to suit a range of riding abilities, even toddlers. Any given weekend you can spot parents guiding little riders on trikes and tiny bikes around the village, which is great because of the lack of traffic and often hard to do in the cities. Big kids like the bigger challenges, of which a mountain the size of Thredbo coughs up in a variety of biking and hiking ways.

3. Side-by-side activities to reconnect

You may not have your kids living with you all the time, or necessarily know all their movements, all their latest news or how they feel about things going on in their lives. That?s ok, you can get up to speed by doing heaps of side-by-side Thredbo activities, like those mentioned above. Even the car ride getting to Thredbo is your opportunity to catch up on things, especially with lots of stopovers enroute. Thredbo is a great place to reconnect or get your kids to see the best, fun side of you, instead of being the disciplinarian, or the homework police. Let your hair down. [caption id="attachment_6230" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bobsled Kids love the Thredbo Bobsled[/caption]

4. Self-catering accommodation works best

It?s not always economical for families to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then there?s the snacks. Take advantage of self-catered accommodation (check out the range of one or two bedroom self-contained apartments at Lantern Thredbo Apartments) to do a big breakfast cook up. Take some bread rolls out for lunch and sit in the sun. Use the barbeque facilities next to the river, or back in your Thredbo accommodation. Save money on food and keep it for the fun stuff.

5. Reasonably priced for families

Plenty of things around Thredbo are well-priced in the summer. Try the Bobsled, it?s $7 for one ride or $36 for 6 rides. Personally speaking, three rides a day are plenty, coupled with a bush walk, picnic or a game of tennis ($10 per half an hour). Take your own racquets and balls and that?s all you pay. If you?re thinking of a challenge with a guided walk, Mt Kosciuszko trips are $44 per adult, and $30 per child, including a chairlift trip up. Horse rides are from $50 per person for a one hour trail ride. Contact Jill or Ian at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments, they?re sure to have a one or two bedroom apartment, self-contained including a washing machine, that can meet your needs. Pay for 2 nights but stay for three with the 3rd Night Free Accommodation Special with the option of extending it to six nights and paying for four (excludes December 24 - 19 January). Call up or jump online and book now for this cheap family holiday deal.