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Guest reviews are a vital part of our business. We are careful to survey all of our guests to ensure we get the real story on what it is that makes their stay enjoyable and also what things might detract from their experience. This information is valuable and provides us both with a reward for good service as well as honest feedback that can give us direction in improving our service and our apartments for future guests.
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Lantern 30-Balcony
It was very easy

Loved it everything you need is there

It was very easy

Stayed 21/03/2020 to 24/03/2020

by Lance Morris
Average Guest Rating: 5/5
Lantern 24- Balcony
Absolutely love this place

Absolutely love this place. No hassle seamless booking and friendly staff. Apartments always super clean.

Stayed 14/03/2020 to 17/03/2020

by Paul Ellis
Average Guest Rating: 5/5
Lantern 29- Loft
I saw the view. That’s all we needed

I saw the view. That’s all we needed

It was great with excellent value. The new renovations in no 29 made it feel like brand new and fresh. The crows were very friendly.

I think Thredbo has it covered. Every time I come it gets better.

Stayed 12/03/2020 to 15/03/2020

by Craig Bishop
Average Guest Rating: 5/5
Lhotsky 9
Coming to Llotsky is like coming home.

Coming to Llotsky is like coming home. It is always so clean and lovely and we will be back off course! Thanks for another lovely stay! My parents also enjoyed themselves so much!

Can't fault the staff at Lantarn. They are all fabulous!

Stayed 06/03/2020 to 10/03/2020

by Femke Marsland
Average Guest Rating: 5/5
Lantern 11-Balcony
Great job guys!

We had a great stay. The rooms were lovely with a great view and the staff were friendly.

Stayed 20/02/2020 to 22/02/2020

by Chanel Melani
Average Guest Rating: 4.1/5
Lantern 05-Balcony
All features and services were excellent

All features and services were excellent

We had a fantastic stay. Check-in and out were easy and information on arrival was very helpful. Room was clean, quiet and had everything we needed for a quiet weekend. Highly recommend to anyone.

Stayed 29/02/2020 to 01/03/2020

by Sam Tierney
Average Guest Rating: 5/5

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