June 1st 2022 was a big day at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments for 3 reasons.

  1. Thredbo had the best start to Winter Season Snow Cover we have seen in decades.
  2. After 32 years at the wheel of the Iconic Lantern Thredbo, Ian and Jill Foster stepped aside for some younger fresh faced operators.
  3. With 7 years running a successful concierge business in Thredbo, Angel Litonjua and Kayleigh Ormanroyd stepped up and grabbed the reins at the Lantern Thredbo to usher in a new era. .
The Lantern Thredbo Succession Day The new and the "Little Bit Old"

Ian and Jill Foster, arrived in Thredbo in 1989 as globe trotting ski bums with with a unique skill set. Having years of hospitality and property maintenance experience they were ideal candidates for a job they saw advertised. It was a position as on site caretakers for a brand new apartment building. Little did they know that job would last 32 years. In those 3 decades they would raise a family and create an iconic Thredbo business. They would also become members of the Thredbo Community for some of its best times and worst times.

At the end of winter 2018 Jill and Ian recognised the skills of their assistant office manager Kayleigh Ormanroyd and her Partner Angel Litonjua. They were real candidates to take on what had become one of Thredbo's longest running and most successful property management businesses.

Angel and Kayleigh with Lola. Ready to tackle their new business

After a discussion with the young couple Ian and Jill ennacted their succession plan to sell the Lantern Thredbo Apartments business. Unfortunatley Australia's worst ever bush fire season and a couple of years of global pandemic got in the way. However persistence prevailed and with the assistance and blessing of the Lantern Apartments Association Ian and Jill "handed over the keys" on June 1st this year.

Jill and Ian will still be working in the background, to assist in a smooth transition. They are keen to see Angel and Kayleigh have the suport they need. This will ensure that the apartment owners and guests they have been serving for 32 years don't feel the bumps of the management change. They will continue to experience the personal, customer focussed service that has been core to the Lantern Thredbo's business model.

Angel and Kayeligh take on the business with a diverse skill set. Kayleigh has a degree in Tourism Marketing, years of holiday rental management experience and sixth sense for interior design. Angel is a licensed real estate agent. He was also the business founder and operator of Thredbo's best known Property Services business "Executive Housekeeping and Concierge Services." After 7 years running E.H.C.S. Angels middle name is "Hospitality". They are excited after their first winter at the wheel and with a great team behind them Summer 22-23 is shaping up to be a busy one.

Lantern Thredbo Winter 2022 crew celebrating after banger of a season

Angel, Kayleigh and their team are ready to make their mark in the business with some extra services for guests and renewed focus on property presentation and amenties. They want to ensure the Lantern Thredbo guests and owners continue to receive personalised, service and the best value in Thredbo .

Come and meet the new team on your next stay in Thredbo. Book your accommodation here. Or call 0264576600 to speak to the crew .