Sunset in Thredbo

If you're looking for fun ways to keep your kids entertained when you're in Thredbo, look no further. Thredbo has plenty of kid-friendly activities to choose from, so check out our recommended ideas!

Activities for Kids at Thredbo

1. Ski and snowboard at Thredbo to make unforgettable winter memories

Ski and snowboard at Thredbo to make unforgettable winter memories

Thredbo is the perfect mountain escape and a winter wonderland. For kids who are old enough to try out these sports, there's no better place than Thredbo. Having the opportunity to spend a day out in Thredbo  on the mountain will be an exciting adventure for them. The accommodating staff at Thredbo Snow Sports also offer lessons and programs to help them get comfortable to master the art of sliding down at Thredbo ski resort whether they choose skis or a Snowboard to ride.

2. Enjoy the thrill of skateboarding

If your kids enjoy skateboarding, the Thredbo Skate Park is the perfect spot for them. This park at the Village Green has ramps for skateboards, scooters, bikes and more! It's suitable for all ages too. It’s a great spot for a BBQ picnic lunch as there are BBQ’s, picnic tables and restrooms on-site.

3. Experience the fun of disc golf year-round

Experience the fun of disc golf

Are you looking for an extra activity you can enjoy during the winter and summer? In Thredbo, there are 18 holes of disc golf set among bushland, open fields, and eucalyptus trees with superb mountain views and alpine attractions.

Disc golf is a fun sport that anyone can play regardless of age or skill level. It is similar to regular golf, but players use a flying disc instead of a ball and clubs. The goal is to finish each hole in the fewest amount of throws possible. Fuel up your day with year-round action!

4. Ride the free bus around Thredbo for a winter escape

For kids, the free bus journey around Thredbo is an absolute comfort for the winter season. Toddlers love climbing on and off the bus at all the stations and going for rides and witnessing plenty of attractions within the area. Thredbo's buses are either white, black, or red. Kids will surely love looking at the scenery you'll pass by and for a young child, this bus ride is one of the highlights of their trip to Thredbo.

Ride the free bus around Thredbo

There are four routes available. The first route starts at Bela’s corner, to Bobuck Lane all the way to Friday Flat. The second route starts at Steamboat, to Lantern Riverside and then to Friday Loop. The third route emerges at the Information Centre to Friday Flat and the last route is at Crackenback Ridge. For more information, check out the map below and visit this link for the Thredbo village winter bus route.

5. Take a sculpture walk to experience the cool mountain air

Besides the stunning mountain views, toddlers will enjoy the numerous statues throughout the town, including the emu and its baby near the footbridge. Thredbo’s sculpture walk is an excellent way to explore Thredbo alpine village. It will help them recognise different animals in the Snowy Mountains, and it's great for developing their walking skills.

Take a sculpture walk

6. Air out your stresses with the Alpine Bungee

Experience new heights with Thredbo’s Alpine Bungee at Friday Flat Concourse! The Alpine Bungee in Thredbo opened in 2021, allowing guests of all ages to soar. The Alpine Bungee runs throughout the winter and summer seasons, and is an adrenaline-pumping experience for people of all ages and abilities.

7. Take in the breathtaking scenery from the scenic chairlift

breathtaking scenery from the scenic chairlift

Riding the scenic chairlift is a must for the winter holidays. The Kosciuszko Express takes 15 minutes one way and climbs 560 vertical metres, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains that are within Kosciuszko National Park. It takes you up to Australia's highest restaurant with excellent dining, Eagle's Nest, where you can eat breakfast or lunch with an extraordinary view!

8. Slide it all with the Alpine Bobsled

Slide it all with the Alpine Bobsled

The 700 m kid-friendly Alpine Bobsled circuit is an excellent way for kids to get an adrenaline rush during your family holiday. They'll have heaps of fun as they regulate the momentum with their sled's brake, and feel like they are going faster than imagined down the twisty track. The Alpine Bobsled in Thredbo can be found on Merritt Track which is only a short distance from Valley Terminal.

9. Ride the Gondola to Merritts Restaurant and experience the Snowy Mountains

Hop aboard Merritts Gondola for a scenic ride up to Merritts Mountain House, an alpine restaurant offering breakfast and lunch and 360 degree views. In just six minutes, the gondola will take you from the village to the base of the Cruiser Area. The 8-person high-speed cabin comfortably seats entire families!

Ride the Gondola

10. Soar to new heights on trampolines

Springfree trampolines are available to everyone on the Village Green, at the Valley Terminal, and at the Thredbo Leisure Centre. Trampolines are one of the safest and most gentle ways to learn new skills, bounce with friends, or discover the height you can jump to. Kids will love this activity because it's one of the best ways to let off steam and enjoy the beauty of Thredbo.

11. Fireworks on Saturday will take your breath away

Adults and kids alike will enjoy this spectacular fireworks show held every Saturday in winter. You'll have a clear view of Thredbo's sky at night as fireworks light up the mountain. This is one event that should be on everyone's agenda so don't skip it!

Fireworks on Saturday will take your breath away

12. Grab a cup of hot chocolate from one of the mountain restaurants and cafes

Nothing beats a hot drink after a fun day on the mountain. Kids will be happy to have a warm drink before heading back to their Lantern accommodation. Check out this list of Mountain Restaurants and Cafes to find a hot chocolate spot and spacious dining.

What to pack for kids when going on a Thredbo adventure:

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Australia is a sunny country, and it’s easy to get sunburnt in any season. Protect your kid’s skin with a high SPF, broad spectrum sunscreen, and reapply every two hours. To protect their eyes from UV rays and snow glare, don’t forget to bring sunglasses too!

Kids Thredbo Adventure


Even though Thredbo is an alpine region it can still get hot in summer, so don't be surprised if your kids want to go for a swim. Thredbo Leisure Centre has a pool and waterslides and there are also local water holes, such as Merritt's Pond or Friday Flat Pond, so don’t forget to pack their swimwear.


Thredbo is a small town, so it is easier to navigate the village if you bring a backpack to carry packed lunches for your adventure, water and snacks and extra clothing for day trips.


The best way to preserve memory is through photography. Capture all your magical moments at Thredbo with your camera! Your relatives will love seeing the pictures and hearing about your experiences when you return home

Hats, scarves and gloves

Never forget these if you are coming to Thredbo during winter. It can be pretty freezing out there! These will help keep you warm during your stay and also provide protection from sunburn if you’re out on the slopes.

While visiting Thredbo with kids, keep these things in mind:

what to pack for your kids on your Thredbo trip

Bring extra clothes in case it rains or snows while you're up on the mountain

Always remember to bring an extra set of clothes with you in case there is precipitation while you're skiing or snowboarding. It's easy to get drenched and it will be miserable if you and your kids don't have something dry to change into.

Bring small travel size toiletries for you and your kids

You should bring travel size toiletries when you go on a trip with your children. This will help you save both money and space in your luggage. Bringing your own means that you'll minimise the risk of having allergic reactions to other products.

Bring snacks and water with you for when you're waiting in line for a ride

One of the best things you can bring when waiting in line is water or snacks for the kids. They're going to be bored, and it will help them pass time.

Have your kids wear sturdy shoes or boots with good grip on ice and snow

Keep your kids safe from snow and ice this winter by making sure they have a pair of shoes with good grip on the soles so that they can be even more active outside, and enjoy their stay in Thredbo.

Best Thredbo Accommodation

Sunset in Thredbo

Lantern Thredbo apartments has an excellent range of accommodation options for families wanting to stay in Thredbo. We have a variety of self-contained units found throughout the alpine village, which are ideal if you have multiple children, especially toddlers!

All of our apartments come with clothes washing facilities to clean up after all those food splatters — perfect for messy kids who can't resist touching everything they see!

Come and stay with us for the best family-friendly accommodation in Thredbo! We’ve got activities to keep your kids occupied all day, a variety of eateries nearby (we recommend Eagle’s Nest) and we're just minutes away from Mount Kosciuszko.Check out this full list of accommodation available at Lantern Apartments and book an awesome getaway this season — it's time to spoil your family!