A 4.5 km gravity assisted singletrack mountain bike trail that provides the perfect intro to downhilling in Thredbo

The Kosciuszko Flow trail is an intermediate gravity trail. It requires some MTB skills but ideal for anyone looking to get some downhill riding experience before tackling the more advanced Cannonball Downhill. The singletrack is a blast from top to bottom, with plenty of steep sections requiring brake action and smooth berms providing the flow.

Kosciuszko Flow Trail - What You Need to Know

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Distance 4.5 km
Starting Point Top of Kosciuszko Express Chairlift (one-way Kosciuszko Express Chairlift Pass required – available From Thredbo MTB at the Valley Terminal Ticket Office)
Map Mountain Biking Trail Map

Kosciuszko Flow Trail Highlights

The Kosciuszko Flow Trail features fluid switchbacks, fast flowy sections, lots of berms, epic views and is a great introduction to downhill riding for those who are comfortable on the bike. It does cut through the Cannonball Downhill in sections so you’ll need to keep an eye out, there will be fast riders coming across on this track. Here are some of the best highlights this gravity trail has to offer:

1. Epic Views of the Thredbo Valley

The flow trail runs from top to bottom on the ski run, starting at the Kosciuszko Chairlift nearly 2,000m above sea level and offers epic views of the Thredbo Valley. The singletrack is accessed via a steep dirt road and descends by an indirect route down the mountain. It heads through lush eucalypt forests with ladder bridges and grassy open slopes giving riders the chance to appreciate the spectacular scenery.

Thredbo accommodation ski liftImage Source: Thredbo

2. Switchback Adrenalin Rush

Thredbo Mountain bikers love the flow trail because you can get up a bit of speed and perfect your cornering techniques. The steady gradient gives riders a more mellow ride than the Cannonball, but still provides the adrenalin rush of downhilling. It is recommended that riders take their first run down to get a feel for the track before going full speed, banked switchbacks and tightly treed corners can catch you unawares.

Thredbo accommodation biker

Image Source: Flowmountainbike

In general the Kosciuszko Flow Trail trail takes 15-20 minutes to complete but more experienced riders will be able to do it faster. Check out this amateur video of a mountain biker in the zone completing the trail in 11 minutes 20 seconds.

3. Awesome Intro to Downhill Riding

The trail is a great warm up for the Cannonball as it has all the tricky technical features removed but still has all the downhill thrill. The long sections of the traversing singletrack can get you up to speeds of 30-40kph. If you aren’t comfortable at this kind of speed then be sure your brake pads are up to the task.

Thredbo accommodation trail

4. Stay Safe, Be Prepared

To get the most out of your ride make sure your bike has been given the once over at the Valley Terminal workshop, especially the brake pads. Having the right gear for the conditions is essential, the weather in this area can be changeable. An all mountain bike is recommended rather than a downhill bike which has wider tyres. We have included an essential items checklist below. The mountain patrol makes regular sweeps of the area and is never far away if you or one your mates need assistance.

Thredbo bike shop

Image source: Flowmountainbike

Essential MTB Items Checklist

  • full suspension bike – your own or rented in Thredbo
  • helmet
  • gloves
  • hydration pack/backpack + water bottle
  • lunch/snacks or eat on the mountain at Eagles Nest or Avalanche
  • first aid kit
  • multi-tool/spare inner tube/CO2 inflator
  • shoes for biking
  • padded shorts
  • wicking t.shirt
  • long-sleeved thermal top
  • rain jacket
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • map
  • Smartphone
  • Body armour padding is not essential but it can save some skin on shins and elbows


Use our local knowledge to help you plan an unforgettable Thredbo experience. Ian is an avid mountain biker and is happy to give you MTB tips and advice.

Thredbo ownersIan and Jill Foster came to Thredbo in 1989 to begin working as property managers for the Lantern Apartments complex. Having spent the previous 10 years working and playing in ski resorts around the world, they decided on Thredbo because they believed that Australia offers the best lifestyle and Thredbo is the best ski resort in Australia.

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