The Bridle Trail Loop offers steep climbs and fast descents, as well as river scenery

A short and sharp technical MTB track suitable for intermediate riders featuring fast flowy sections, uphill climbs and cross country traverses through open fields. The singletrack loop is accessed from the Thredbo Valley Track (TVT) and offers riders the chance to test their MTB skills.

Bridle Trail Loop - What You Need to Know

Difficulty Level: Intermediate Technical
Distance 1.9 km
Starting Point Thredbo Valley Track
Map Mountain Biking Trail Map

Bridle Trail Loop Highlights

This singletrack has moderately undulating terrain featuring dirt, grass, roots and trees which require some navigational skills on a mountain bike. It starts from the Thredbo Valley Trail (TVT) and does a loop back to the trailhead. There is a short steep mid section and creek crossings to test your climbing skills, countered by flat riding through open fields with views of the Thredbo River. Here are some of the best highlights this popular MTB track has to offer:

1. Test Your Climbing Skills

After an initial flowy descent from the TVT, the trail climbs steeply into the bush. This should be easy enough to climb if you use low gears, but if you run into problems just get off and walk. You’ll also encounter a number of creek crossings with steep climbs. Experienced riders should be able to climb these with no problems, again there’s always the walking option if your legs are too tired.

Thredbo Valley Biker

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2.  Fast Technical Descents

Once you’ve headed into the bush the trail levels out and then makes a steep rocky descent, with a number of hard turns, before looping back towards the village. This is considered a difficult intermediate section by riders, however, if you’re less experienced you can always walk it. After this the trail evens out and flows out of the bush and into open grassy areas.

Thredbo Valley Bridle Trail

3. Link Up With The TVT to Extend Your Ride

You’ll find a trail sign on the lower track (about 100m from the Friday Flat area) which directs riders to where they can join the TVT. This runs all the way to Lake Crackenback Resort a total of 19 km, or you can also choose to do the shorter Rangers Loop 12 km return or ride 14.5 km to Thredbo Diggings. Highlights of the TVT include: scenic views of the Thredbo River from a number of suspension bridges, views of Ramshead Range and options for more challenging riding past the Old Ranger Station.

Thredbo Valley Sign

Image Source: Discover Thredbo

4. Stay Safe, Be Prepared

To get the most out of your ride make sure you’re prepared with the right gear for the conditions. The weather in this area can be changeable. We have included an essential items checklist below to help you prepare for your ride.
To find out more about what to expect on the Bridle Trail Loop, check out this video:

Essential MTB Items Checklist

  • bike – your own or rented
  • helmet
  • gloves
  • hydration pack/backpack + water bottle
  • lunch/snacks
  • first aid kit
  • multi-tool/spare inner tube/CO2 inflator
  • shoes for biking
  • padded shorts
  • wicking t.shirt
  • long-sleeved thermal top
  • rain jacket
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • map
  • Smartphone


Use our local knowledge to help you plan an unforgettable Thredbo experience.

Thredbo ownersIan and Jill Foster came to Thredbo in 1989 to begin working as property managers for the Lantern Apartments complex. Having spent the previous 10 years working and playing in ski resorts around the world, they decided on Thredbo because they believed that Australia offers the best lifestyle and Thredbo is the best ski resort in Australia.

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