Explore Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest peak, near Thredbo Village


While everyone knows now that Australia’s Highest peak is Mt Kosciuszko, it was not always so. The Ngarigo People probably saw it as the highest place in their lands and then  in 1840 the European explorer Edmund Paul Strzelecki  claimed the peak as the highest and named it after the Polish Patriot Kosciuszko. For quite a while there was some conjecture over whether Strzelecki has climbed what we know today as Mt Kosciuszko or Mt Townsend, further to the north.  Read the full story here.

In the end  Kosciuszko won the battle being 19m higher than Townsend but when you stand on the summit of Townsend the view would make you believe otherwise.    Mt Townsend is an inspiring  peak to climb with the same amazing views of the Western Ranges as  but also a sublime view of Lady Northcotes Canyon and the precipitous, Sentinel peak and Watson’s Crags.

Mt Townsend Guided Walk - What You Need to Know

Difficulty Level: Advanced Distance: 22km
Days November to April. Check Thredbo Guided Walks for dates.
Time 9am-5.30pm (meet at 8.50am)
Cost $115 per person
  • Guided walk with local expert guide
  • Scenic one way lift pass
  • Mt Townsend walk certificate
Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions:
* The Mt Townsend Walk is suitable for guests age 15 and over.
* Two guests must be booked in for walk to proceed.
Where to purchase You can book the Mt Townsend Walk with Thredbo Guided Walks.   Book early to avoid disappointment.

Mt Townsend Walk Highlights

The Mt Townsend guided walk takes in that little bit extra than the Kosciuszko Walk.  It is the path less travelled to a place that feels remote and as you will discover,  has some of the best views on the whole main range. At 22km it is no picnic  and definitely not an option for people who are not used to regular exercise.

The Mt Townsend walk is a full day so you will need to bring lunch and plenty of water but it is a walk well worth the extra effort.

1. A Unique Environment

The Mt Townsend walk traverses a special section of the Main Range.  With fascinating geological biological and aspects that are unique to the Australian high country.  An expert local guide will help you understand how the plants and animals in this harsh environment can survive and thrive. They can also explain the fascinating history of the Alpine area, from both a human and geological perspective.

Scenery on the hike out to Mt Townsend

2. The path less travelled

While the start of the Mt Townsend Walk follows the main track out to Mt Kosciuszko,  you will venture on pass the famous peak to an area of the Main Range where few people go.   The solitude will strike you and with some fascinating history from your guide the story of Mt Townsend will come alive.


3. Lake Landscape and then leave the rest behind

The walk from Thredbo to Rawsons pass is about 5 km and you will pass Lake Cootapatamba and other dramatic scenery on the way.  Once you leave Rawsons Pass the track descends along a ridge following the Main Range loop before veering off into the solitude around Mt Townsend.


4. A Feeling of True Wilderness

Once past Rawsons Pass the feeling of wilderness starts to build as you hie towards Muellers Peak and Mt Townsend.


5. Stay Safe with a Local Guide

Your guide will be there to make sure you are safe along the walk, as well as transport you back to Thredbo after completion. The local guides are experts on the flora and fauna, geology and human history of the environment. You’ll also receive up to date information on the conditions of the track and how to best to layer your clothing for the weather. Make sure you read the checklist below to come prepared and dressed for wilderness conditions to get the most out of your experience.

Image Source: Thredbo.com

Essential Items to Bring Checklist

  • long sleeve top
  • fleece jumper
  • waterproof jacket and pants
  • long pants
  • sturdy shoes
  • beanie
  • gloves
  • sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  • camera/iPhone
  • backpack
  • water (at least one litre)


Use our local knowledge to help you plan an unforgettable Thredbo experience.

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