Climb to the summit of Mt. Kosciuszko to view the incredible alpine sunset and moonrise

There is something really special and elemental about being out in the wilderness in the dark on a clear full moon night. The feeling transcends time, the experience has held human attention and inspired wonder for millennia. You too can experience the magic of a lunar walk into the Kosciuszko wilderness from Thredbo.
Choose a guided walk to get the most out of your experience.

Guided Lunar Walk - What You Need to Know

Difficulty Level: Moderate Distance: 13km
Days Check Thredbo Guided Walks for dates.
Time 4pm – 6pm departure time dependent on sunset times
Cost $110 pp (adults only)
  •  Guided walk with local expert guide
  •  Head torch hire
  • Hot drinks & snacks
  • 4×4 transport to and from the start of the Kosciuszko Walking Track
  • ‘I climbed Mt Kosciuszko’ certificate
Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions:

* The Mt Kosciusko Full Moon Walks is not suitable for children. Guests must be 15 years & over.

*Two guests must be booked in for walk to proceed.

Where to purchase You can book the Mt Kosciuszko Full Moon Walk with the Lantern Thredbo Apartments when you book your accommodation or later on. Call 1800 020 598 or send an email. Thredbo. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Guided Lunar Walk Highlights

Thredbo guides take a whole range of guests on the lunar walks from people in their mid teens, up to 60 years old and the ratio is one guide to seven guests. You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and the key to enjoying the experience is being well equipped to endure wilderness conditions. Here are some of the best highlights the walk has to offer:

1. Catch a Kosciuszko Sunset and Moonrise

Thredbo sunset

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After a two hour or so walk you’ll reach the top of Mt Kosciuszko at the end of day and hear the birds looking to settle down for the night and feel the air become cool and expansive. You’ll feel like you are one of just a few left in the entire world as the sun goes down over distant ranges and the moon becomes clear among the stars, which are so bright away from pollution and city lights.

2. Get Educated & Stay Safe with a Local Guide

Guides comment how happy guests are to have such a unique experience. Due to chairlift closing times, hikers are driven up the the mountain in 4 x 4 troop carriers to the Thredbo resort boundary and the start of the Kosciuszko Track. This is not a walk that inexperienced hikers should tackle alone because of the variable alpine weather and potential for getting disoriented in the dark. At the end of the walk it is a welcome sight to have the troop carrier ready to bring you back into the village. The expert knowledge of the guides adds another dimension to the walk with valuable information on the geology, flora, fauna, aboriginal legends and how to minimise impact when travelling in the sensitive alpine environment.

Thredbo hiking trail

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3. A Sensory Experience

Due to the unique alpine terrain with vegetation mantle and snow pack for up to six months a year  there is water everywhere, rushing down creeks from the mountain top. The sound of rushing water is really special and from a sensory point of view it is soothing and reassuring and attracts birds and other creatures like the startling, blue and red Kosciuszko mountain grasshoppers, lizards and even small native fish.
If you are lucky on the walk back after dark you may even spot one of the small marsupials living in the alpine zone like the rare mountain pigmy possum, broad toothed rat or a dusky antechinus.

Thredbo holidays mountains

Image Source: Lantern Apartments

4. Incredible Alpine Sunset & Views

Guides aim to have you up on top of the summit and seated on the western side of the dome-shaped peak well before sunset. This is so you can pick out the best rocky vantage spot to capture the moment of the last rays of the setting sun (don’t forget your camera!) and enjoy the spectacular alpine views. You won’t have long to wait before the moon appears on the eastern horizon.

Thredbo holiday hiker

5. Grab a Cuppa on Australia’s Highest Peak

Hot tea and hot chocolate are available up at the summit courtesy of your guide along with snack packs consisting of crackers, banana bread, chutney and cheeses. Walkers are encouraged to bring sandwiches or other snacks such as muesli bars, bread rolls or protein bars.

Thredbo holidays sunset
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Essential Items to Bring Checklist

  • long sleeve top, thermal top
  • fleece jumper
  • waterproof jacket and pants
  • long pants
  • sturdy shoes or botto
  • beanie
  • gloves
  • sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  • camera/iPhone
  • backpack
  • snacks
  • water (at least one litre)


Use our local knowledge to help you plan an unforgettable Thredbo experience.

Thredbo ownersIan and Jill Foster came to Thredbo in 1989 to begin working as property managers for the Lantern Apartments complex. Having spent the previous 10 years working and playing in ski resorts around the world, they decided on Thredbo because they believed that Australia offers the best lifestyle and Thredbo is the best ski resort in Australia.

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