Epic Mountain Bike Riding in Jindabyne

If you're searching for the ultimate mountain biking in Jindabyne, you've come to the right place. 

One of Jindabyne's most popular attractions is its world-class mountain bike trails. There are over 70 km worth of epic mountain bike trails in Jindabyne that offer something for every level — from beginner to expert. If you're up for single track trail riding or gravity mountain biking there is something for you!

If it's your first time, don’t forget to download the Jindabyne MTB trail map to get familiar with the best biking spots prior to your adventure.

9 best mountain biking tracks around Jindabyne

For starters, here are nine mountain bike technical trails and flow trails that can be done in a day. Whether you're a beginner or experienced rider, these trails cater for varying skill levels!

1. Thredbo Diggings Full Loop

This is one of the most recommended bike trails in South Wales featured in Snowy Mountains magazine. This trail is 9.66 km long and perfect for beginners to intermediates. 

The loop takes you both down and up the picturesque Thredbo RIver via Lake Crackenback Resort and the Thredbo Diggings campground. Being a loop, you can start the ride at the Diggings, the Ski Tube or Lake Crackenback.

2. Lower Thredbo Valley Track (TVT)

The Lower TVT starts at the Ski Tube Bridge on the Thredbo Diggings Loop. This iconic track is for strong intermediate riders. It is 19km of cross country riding with some challenging uphill sections. 

Probably the most vital information for people on this track is that there is no easy exit. Once you start, the next exit from the track is at the other end so bring food and water and be ready to pedal.

The Lower TVT is an inspiring ride along the Thredbo River Valley and for good riders, it is a must.  

3. Hatchery Bay Trail

With a total distance of 5.4 km, and average bike trail time of 25 minutes, this route winds its way around the lake to Hatchery Bay and is suitable for all skill levels. It is also the connector from the bottom of the Lower TVT via the Gaden Trout Hatchery and back along the lakeshore to Jindabyne.

4. Mill Creek

With a total distance of just over 4.5km, the single track starts from Rainbow Drive or Jindabyne Dam Wall. This trail is perfect for beginner bikers to explore the Surrounds of Lake Jindabyne and provides stronger riders with access to trails in the Mill Creek and Tyrolean trail network.

5. Bunty’s South

The challenge of this trail lies in its steep sections that require sharp bursts of energy. This black diamond singletrack can be used both directions and has an overall physical rating with a 23 m climb, making it perfect for those looking forward to something challenging but not impossible.

6. She’ll be Apples

The challenging She'll Be Apples is a 767m single track mountain bike trail in Jindabyne that begins with an easy, steady climb. At 300 metres into this journey you’ll find yourself on some technical sections, and before long there's also plenty of hooting back down from the top!

7. Huff n Puff (Jindabyne Community Trail)

As the name suggests, this is a trail used for climbing to get to the top classic downhills like 3 Lions. At 1.6 km long, with switchbacks and a few rocks to negotiate, this will have you huffing and puffing but the rewards at the end are worth it. 

8. Pink Trail

Pink Trail is a gravity-focused mountain bike trail that can be used downhill only. The narrow line throughout Pink trails winds 1.1 km down the mountains and concludes by the lake, making it an average duration of 5 minutes to complete this exhilarating ride!

9.  Three Lions

This one's a blast. With 1.1 km of distance, the Three Lions begins as an easy-to-moderate trail through grassy fields with some big berms and vertical drops that should be fun for anyone who likes to go downhill! The beginning section has gentle gradients but things get more intense on the lower portion, so prepare yourself for that.

10. Tyrolean Village Loop

Located opposite Jindabyne on the lake, this singletrack trail is the place for intermediate riders looking for a mountain bike challenge. The trail is 11.5 km long and offers plenty of climbing as well as some technical challenges at times too! 

When to go mountain biking in Jindabyne

The Jindabyne district's natural beauty and its scenic bike trails make mountain biking a popular activity for both visitors and locals. 

There are many trails to choose from but rest assured they all offer scenic tours, ranging from easy, flat trails to more challenging hills for well-seasoned bike enthusiasts!

The best time to go is in the autumn and spring when it's not too hot (or cold!). Having said that, winter can be a good time to ride if the trails are dry and the afternoon sun is out.  Summer is also fine for riding provided you start early if it looks like a warm day.   

Things to do in and around the town of Jindabyne

Jindabyne Retail Therapy

Jindabyne has two shopping centres and plenty of choices, so it’s perfect for an afternoon shopping expedition. With adventure outdoor shops like Gravity Sports, Wilderness Sports, Sacred Ride and Larry Adlers, there is plenty to keep gear freaks going. 

If you are after Fashion or Fine gifts, there are plenty of options to keep you browsing, including the eclectic Design and Detail homewares and gifts in Petamin Plaza. 

For trout fishing enthusiasts, check out High Country Outfitters in Nuggets Crossing. If you are looking for for or a quick coffee, there a plenty of choices in both Petamin Plaza and Nuggets Crossing

Banjos Nightclub is the best spot for your night-life adventure

It has a pool, darts, bar games and more. Get a taste of the award-winning Kosciuszko Pale Ale at the Muster Bar. Watch live entertainment four nights a week at Clancy's Cocktail Bar while experts mix up a storm. 

Summer nights are ideal for enjoying the outdoor beer garden, which offers the best view of Lake Jindabyne.

Head to Jindabyne Lake to catch some fish! 

A variety of marine life and pure waters make Jindabyne one of Australia's most popular fishing lakes.

Recreational fishers will enjoy fishing in the lake for the diverse trout and salmon species which have been introduced to the Australian wilderness during the last century.

Connect with nature as you walk down around Lake Jindabyne

No matter if you're looking for an early wake-up call or a stroll in the afternoon, a trip around Lake Jindabyne is a must.

A concrete walking track surrounds the gorgeous shoreline and is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Swim at Lake Jindabyne - this place offers the perfect dose of relaxation! 

You will have no trouble finding a spot to relax in peace with your family or friends, since there are many secluded spots.

How to get around the town

Jindabyne is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. You can enjoy the town itself, as well as its surrounding road bike trails and different MTB bike trails for a leisurely ride.

Being a small town, Jindabyne is easy to get around by walking or biking only. But if you opt to stay somewhere outside town, you will need a car as there is no public transport. 


With such an abundance of bike park trails to explore, Jindabyne is the perfect destination for expert and basic mountain bike riding. Pedal your way through some of Australia's finest flow trail systems while you tackle one of its many scenic routes. 

If you're looking for a challenge or want to experience what it feels like to be at the top of the world, then there are no better options than exploring Jindabyne!

Just make sure you bring a bike repair kit and bike helmet because you never know what will happen and there might be no bike shops nearby.

The trails and scenery in Jindabyne are unparalleled, and the biking is a great way to experience it all. Don’t forget to book your accommodation at Lantern Apartments or contact us at bookings@lantern.com.au.