New Thredbo MTB Trails

With the kick off of the Thredbo Mountain bike season on the 19th November we have been introduced to some new Thredbo MTB trails for the 2022/23 season. There are 3 new trails on offer from Thredbo located on or around Thredbo’s Cruiser Chair. For the first time Thredbo will be operating 3 chairlifts and […]

Thredbos Event-full Summer

Thredbo summers are always event-full and not just jam packed with those Bikes, Hikes and amazing Alpine Adventures. There is also Thredbos Summer Events Calender to call you to those green rolling hills, blue skies and Alpine daisies; this summer. The Thredbo Mountain Bike Season begins 19th November which also will see the opening of […]

Lantern Thredbo a New Era

June 1st 2022 was a big day at the Lantern Thredbo Apartments for 3 reasons. Ian and Jill Foster, arrived in Thredbo in 1989 as globe trotting ski bums with with a unique skill set. Having years of hospitality and property maintenance experience they were ideal candidates for a job they saw advertised. It was […]

12 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Thredbo

If you’re looking for fun ways to keep your kids entertained when you’re in Thredbo, look no further. Thredbo has plenty of kid-friendly activities to choose from, so check out our recommended ideas! Activities for Kids at Thredbo 1. Ski and snowboard at Thredbo to make unforgettable winter memories Thredbo is the perfect mountain escape […]

The Taste of the Snowies. Full contact Food and Wine.

The? Taste of the Snowies Festival is back and it is bringing a new spin to Food and Wine Festivals, literally. Here in Thredbo we like our events to have an element of risk. So instead of just bringing together a smorgasbord of the Snowy Region’s best providores of fine food, wine, schnapps, beer and […]

Book Valentines Weekend in Thredbo & Score Serious Brownie Points

Just like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other special dates, we bet you?ve totally forgotten about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. I know women try to play it cool that they don?t care, a trick finely honed in the school playground but secretly everyone likes to feel special. Luckily jumping online and booking a sneaky one bedroom […]

Thredbo Super Enduro is back

Thredbo Super Enduro action[/caption] The Thredbo Super Enduro is??the gravity riders Ultimate challenge.? Ride Thredbo’s 3 top gravity tracks,? The Cannonball, The Flow and the All Mountain, do it all on one bike and within? the clock time of 5 hours.? Prizes are for the fastest elapsed time on course and the prize pool is […]

Thredbo Summer Adventures for the whole family

The Summer School Holidays are almost here and after a big snow season, it looks like the snow drifts will be hanging on well into summer.? This is great news for families looking for some healthy outdoor action.? There is nothing like the lure of summer snow to get kids off their devices and up […]

The TVT Train is set to roll

It has been a long time in the making?and with very little fanfare on October 6th? the Thredbo Valley Trail? extension? (TVT)? to Lake Jindabyne was opened.? ?These are exciting times for Mountain Bikers in particular, as the lower section of the TVT from the Ski Tube Bridge at Bullocks Flat down to the Gaden […]

Thredbo Gets a Gondy

It is happening as I type.? Thredbo gets a Gondola and if you aren’t a snowsports fan and are having visions of an Italian in funny hat punting people across Friday Flat pond in a boat….catch up!? ?For 2 years there has been discussion about replacing the old Merritts Chairlift in Thredbo with a new […]