I have just bought a new bike, so I was a little disappointed to hear that the TVT? (Thredbo Valley Track)? will be closed in some sections until December 18 for track repairs and upgrades. However it is not all bad news, there are plenty of options to get on the bike this spring and when the TVT does open it will be shiny new and with a fresh haircut!

At this stage the TVT is closed from Bridge 1 below Thredbo to the Thredbo Diggings Camp ground and from the Ski Tube Bridge to Gaden Trout Hatchery.? See Map Details here

After some extremely heavy snowfalls this winter a huge number of trees have broken and need to be cleared from sections of the track. Once this has been done the planned works will include some important? upgrades with bank stabilisation, track hardening and re shaping that will allow the track to stay open longer and provide a safer ride for all.? The TVT has been a great success since opening and it is great to have the NPWS investing in track improvements and upgrades on a regular basis.

TVT Mountain Biking

The Section from Ngarigo Campground to the Diggings will re open after tree clearning.? The Lower TVT and the sections between Bridge 1 and the Ranger Station will remain closed for the track upgrades with the planned re opening of the entire track for December 18 2020.

In the meantime the track is open to ride between Bullocks Flat and the Thredbo Diggings Campground,? providing a nice little 7km loop.? ?Lake Crackenback's trail network will also open soon providing another 10km of tracks including my "Fave" the "By the River" track with a tidy little 4km loop beside the Thredbo River.

Lower TVT flowing like the river

Once the Ngarigo-Thredbo Diggings? section re-opens there will be a bit more riding if you want some cruisy downhill from Ngarigo to the Diggings providing a 14.km ride including the loop at the Diggings or just over 20km if you ride from Ngarigo and back.?

Other track networks are open including the Hatchery Bay and Mills Creek/Tyrolean Village? track on Lake Jindabyne.? Check out the Trailforks map here.

For up to date information on the TVT works go here:

Thredbo Valley Trail Bridge
One of the Bridges on the Thredbo Valley Trail