White Water Rafting in the Snowy Mountains -

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White Water Rafting in the Snowy Mountains

Posted on Tuesday, 23rd of October 2018

White Water Rafting in the Snowy Mountains

The Snowy Mountains has a reputation for snow but when snow melts it turns to water so White Water Rafting in the Snowy Mountains is no surprise.  We are also blessed to have two of Australia’s iconic rivers on our door step, Australia’s longest river,  The Mighty Murray whose source is only 25km from Thredbo and the legendary Snowy River,  is flowing again from Jindabyne.  Alpine River Adventures, a local river guiding business is now running trips on both of these  rivers as well as the Murrumbidgee which flows past Cooma on it’s way to Canberra before heading west.

Rafting on The Murray River near Thredbo

Riding the Mighty Murray RIver

The good news is that you can take a white water rafting day trip from Thredbo,  either on the Murray River 25 minutes away or on the Snowy River, just over an hours drive from Thredbo.

For the Upper Murray Whitewater  trip  Alpine River Adventures  can offer pick-up and drop-off from outside the Lantern Apartments in Thredbo at 8:30am.  It is then a 30-40 minutes to Tom Groggin campground, the starting point of the trip. Morning tea is provided whilst guides give a comprehensive safety talk. On the river you will be taught to manouvre your boat and  you will receive  paddling instruction throughout the day. The trip consists of consistent grades 1-2 rapids with vehicle support available throughout the trip and is perfect for families. Lunch is provided at the Tom Groggin Horse Camp (usually a spread of meats, salads, fruits and snacks), followed by several hours of whitewater paddling past Tom Groggin station. The experienced guides have a great local and Aboriginal knowledge of the area. At the end of the day the river becomes more scenic and peaceful, with the pick-up from Grassy Flat. Afternoon tea is provided whilst the guides pack-up. You are normally back in Thredbo by 5:00pm.

White Water Rafting in the Snowy River

Riding the Spectacular Snowy River

The Snowy River whitewater paddling trip is quite a different trip in terms of scenery and types of rapids, but equally as fantastic an experience as the Upper Murray. The pick-up is  at 8:30am outside of the Snowy Region Visitors Centre in Jindabyne, 30 minutes drive from Thredbo, before driving down the Barry Way to the Snowy River (about an hours drive). The trip will start at either the Jacobs River, Halfway Flat or No Name campground depending on river conditions/client requirements.  Morning tea is provided (normally cake, bickies, tea, coffee and juice), whilst guides give a comprehensive safety talk. On the river guides show you how to manoeuvre   their boats and provide paddling instruction throughout the day. The beginning of the Snowy River has some awesome whitewater grades 2-3 rapids dispersed with calm pools between each rapid. The lead guide Richard has a great knowledge of the local area, history and Aboriginal perspectives. Vehicle support is available throughout the day and lunch is served on the banks of the Snowy at the Pinch River confluence. After lunch you will paddle  through the Pinch Gorge, where you can go over a waterfall and through up to grade 4 rapids (with participants given the option to walk any rapids if they prefer The day ends at Running Waters, where afternoon tea is provided. You will  normally be back in Jindabyne at about 6:00pm. The 1 day trips cost $220 per person.

You can view the trips  on the website at http://www.riverguide.com.au/1-2-day-snowy-whitewater-trips.html and are regularly updated. Just book in the date that suits you.  Book your accommodation outside of peak periods and you can take advantage of our 3rd night free accommodation deals.  


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