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ABC’s The Checkout How to Save on Holiday Bookings

Posted on Tuesday, 26th of April 2016

ABC’s The Checkout How to Save on Holiday Bookings

Do you use or Expedia to book your holiday accommodation? If so you are  not alone.  I have to admit we use these same services when we go on holiday because they are really good  at listing accommodation options and providing easy tools to get a tedious job done. However there are some downsides to these big accommodation “aggregators” and  I was impressed to see a segment on the ABC’s program “The Checkout” this month that gave a very good picture of the state of play in the accommodation booking space.   It  is worth watching just to understand what is involved when you book on these sites.

I am certainly not suggesting you stop using these services, we get a lot of business from them, they are very good at what they do and they are very easy to work with.  However if you want to get a better deal for your holiday dollars then investing 10 minutes watching in this video is a great place to start.

Oh and just a word of caution, The Checkout is an ABC show from the “The Chasers” and true to form they like to get a bite from anything they do so they chose a  Mary and Joseph Nativity theme for their segment…..


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