Stay at Thredbo and do some high country swimming and take away with you a little piece of the countryside forever. There are some experiences in life that are one of a kind and can?t be replicated indoors. Swimming out in nature or in water holes is one such experience. Swimming outdoors in various water sources is best experienced in summer, when the water is warmest, and there is the best chance all snow from surrounding sources has melted. To swim in rivers and swimming holes is to feel the sun on your back and have the sky as your roof over your head. To feel rocks under your feet, or swish some mud between your toes makes you feel alive, and to feel alive is to feel present. Presence of mind is seldom felt in this whirlwind life of ours, it?s good to welcome it back, feeling all our senses swimming in the NSW high country.

Local Thredbo Water Holes

At the northern end the snowmaking ponds can be fun for a dip, Merritts Pond or Friday Flat Pond. ?Try the 3.7km Merritts bushwalk and dip your toes in clear cold alpine water running from the top of Australia. [caption id="attachment_10919" align="alignnone" width="571"]merritts-pond Merritts Pond. Source: canberra times[/caption] If you?re out enjoying some bushwalks, bike riding, tennis, golf or walking around Thredbo village it can be fun to wade into the Thredbo River, the water is clear and can be fast running and the sound is cleansing and invigorating. If you want to wander further afield for your outdoor swimming spots and don?t mind driving, head into Jindabyne and take a dip in Lake Jindabyne, or take a picnic and head for the Thredbo River picnic grounds or visit the Thredbo Diggings camp grounds. It is possible to spot fish in the rivers, they love it as much or more than we do. [caption id="attachment_10115" align="alignnone" width="571"]Thredbo River Swimming Hole Swimming in the Thredbo River[/caption] If you?re keen for a road trip?for the day you can drive from Thredbo Village on the Barry Way south towards Victoria and stop at different swimming spots along the river. National Parks in charge of keeping all this nature pristine and cared for have some excellent maps and information to help you get the best out of your outdoor dips. You may be sharing your dip with some interesting Australian creatures such as goannas, kangaroos and local birds. They get thirsty too and come down to the water to get their fill.

Keep Safe While Swimming

Naturally, high country swimming comes with caveats, adults swim at their own risk away from life guards or assistance and no-one should ever swim alone. Children and adults should have good swimming sense and ability. Nature is full of snags, rocks or stones in water holes and the water temperature is very cold.

Thredbo Accommodation

If you stay at some of the Lantern Thredbo?s self-contained apartments you can experience all of these swimming spots over summer. There is a Summer Season third night free on at the moment, which gives you more time for basing yourselves in the area and exploring all that?s on offer. All apartments are self-contained, which is hotel-speak for accommodation having a washing machine, clothes drying facilities as well as kitchenette. Self-contained is highly useful when you?re chasing an active style of holiday, each day resulting in wet swimming costumes, wet towels, muddy walking shoes, sunscreen smeared t-shirts and rumbling bellies just when cafes, bars and restaurant are closing up for the night or haven?t opened yet.

Other Thredbo Activities in Summer

Grab yourselves a all mountain summer activity pass from the Thredbo ticket office at the base of the chairlift and have access to the chairlift, golf course, bobsled, Leisure Centre's pool? and tennis courts. Chairlift rides are unlimited, meaning you can do multiple bushwalks in one day, or just go up to Eagle?s Nest and oogle the stunning views across the valley or stop for a coffee while you?re there. Enjoy all that Australia has to offer, without travelling for days on end to get there, including Mt Kosciuszko, the highest summit in Australia and one of the ?World?s Seven Summits?, accessible to walkers and enjoyable for the whole family. It?s all here, ready for you to experience. Don?t forget to pack your sunscreen and your positive attitude, oh and maybe some snacks. See you in Thredbo!