Thredbo Snow Series - Friday Flat Rail Jam -

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Thredbo Snow Series – Friday Flat Rail Jam

Posted on Wednesday, 17th of June 2015

Thredbo Snow Series – Friday Flat Rail Jam

Friday Flat Rail People getting ready to jumpFRIDAY 17 JULY, 2015

The Thredbo Snow Series is back, looking to crown the overall category winners as athletes compete throughout the season to claim the title. Each event will have a unique set-up allowing competitors of all levels to participate in the competition with seasoned pros as well as novice riders giving it a go in a chance to compete with your favourite athletes and while pushing your own riding.

Rails will go down under lights with a live DJ playing while the athletes conquer the uniquely built features on Friday Flat. The set-up will cater for all levels of rider and is the first stop of the series with athletes collecting points to the overall series champion. The night is always an amazing spectacle and one to come and enjoy.

When: Friday 17th July

Where: Friday Flat under Lights


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