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Redlands Cup

Posted on Sunday, 7th of June 2015

Redlands Cup

Skier participating in redlands cupTUESDAY 7 JULY, 2015

The Redlands Cup, the largest single day snowsports event in Australia, brings together over 550 competitors from schools across Australia in a test of skills on the challenging runs of Thredbo. The Redlands Cup serves as a preliminary  event to the Sydney Division Interschools at Thredbo and prepares school skiers and snowboarders for the race season.

This open event gives  even the kindergarten children a chance to compete and sharpen their skills early, turning them into the top skiers of tomorrow. The Redlands cup is an annual not-for-profit event with any surplus donated back to the Thredbo Race Club to support snowsports activities.

Check out the 2014 Results here.

When: Tuesday, 7th July 2015
Where: Thredbo Resort
How much: Register at Redlands Cup Home
Transport: Village Courtesy Bus available

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