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Cheese on a Roll Anyone?

Posted on Thursday, 5th of March 2015

Cheese on a Roll Anyone?

Food and wine festival in Thredbo

The First Snowy Mountains Cheese and Wine Festival

Usually when someone mentions cheese on a roll one immediately asks wholemeal or plain?  However at the High Country Wine and Cheese Festival “cheese on a roll” takes a decidedly Thredbo twist.

Here in Thredbo we like our events to have an element of risk.  So instead of just serving a smorgasboard of quality cheeses from King Island and marrying them up with fine wine from Yalumba (which does actually happen at the event)  Thredbo’s Event Think Tank have come up with a version of “gastronomic gladiators”,”dairy daredevils” and “full contact fromage”, yes it is the “Crackenback Cheese Rolling Challenge”

If you are wondering how a cheese rolling challenge could possibly be risky  then the entry requirements of;  a liability waiver, no exposed skin and helmet should really get you wondering.  Picture this:

  • -A steep grassy hill that in winter serves as  ski run.
  • -A seemingly harmless  Wheel of King Island cheese.
  • -A bunch of lunatics in overalls and helmets standing at the top of said hill looking slightly agitated.
  • -The whistle blows and the cheese is launched, being a wheel, it rolls downhill, quickly.
  • -The “overalled” cheese chasers (see lunatics) propel themselves down the hill in pursuit of  glory and prizes and cheese.
  • -One person wins and the rest lose, some badly.
Competitors chase the cheese in Thredbo

Run with the Cheese in Thredbo

Sounds like a great event (to watch) and that is just to get your apetite warmed up for a great weekend.  The rest of the program is a lot less brutal and if you are looking for some fun this weekend then check this out:

Saturday March 14th:

9am to 12 noon.   The Cheese Rolling Challenge.

A wheel of King Island Cheese is rolled down ex ski run with  competitors battling the gradient to fall or catch the cheese at the finish line.
Women’s, Men’s and Kids Division available. A waiver, helmet and no exposed skin will be mandatory for all competitors. Limited space so register now!

12 noon to 4pm The High Country Wine and Cheese Festival.

Buy a $10 tasting card and join in the fun around the Thredbo Alpine Hotel Poolside bar.  Yalumba Wines and King Island Cheese are hosting an afternoon of information sessions, sampling and live entertainment.

4pm to 8pm Thredbo Village Progressive Food Tour.  

Head off on a stroll around Thredbo to 5 restaurants for 5 courses prepared by the executive chefs and perfectly matched to a Yalumba wine.  The Restaurants include Cascades, Central Road, Black Bear in, Berntis Cafe and Sunset@Poolside.

7pm to 9pm.   Sunset and Wine.

Thredbo ALpine Hote Poolside

Chilllng at the Poolside

Head back to the Alpine Hotel Poolside where the wine is free and the fires are lit as the sun sets and the blazing stars of the Alpine Night sky come into view.

Sunday March 15th.

8am to 11am Champagne Brunch. 

Join a Champagne Brunch back at the Poolside from 8am to 11am with a full buffet and a glass of bubbles.

You can join in the High Country Cheese and Wine Festival from March  14 to 15.  Remember to register if you want to run with the cheese.  Our 3rd night Free offer is on now so if you come for the weekend you can pay for 2 nights and get a 3rd night free.

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