Grommies shred the park

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Grommies Shred The Park

Posted on Wednesday, 25th of June 2014

Grommies Shred The Park

Grommies Shred the Park Day

FRIDAY 11 JULY, 2014

Friday 11th July at Thredbo Superpark
Cost: Free

The Grommet Shred the Park Day is a no-pressure, relaxed and fun day for kids under the age of 18. They get to ride Thredbo’s brand new Super Park with some of Australia’s best riders.

There will be high profile athletes with the kids during the morning, giving them training tips, showing them tricks in a in a fun and relaxed environment. There will be a sweet jam session to wrap up the day, so kids can spin, slide, jib and try their best to win a share in a stack of prizes.

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