The Pumpkins are down for the count! -

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The Pumpkins are down for the count!

Posted on Friday, 23rd of March 2012

The Pumpkins are down for the count!

The Snowy mountains is not the best place to be chasing pumpkin growing records.  We have to plant the pumpkins at home in Early December because late spring frosts  will often knock them off.  Once they are in we usually get good growth going and a mass of vines by February and then we have to hold our breath.  If we make it into early April we will usually get some kind of crop but when the frost hits in March……The pumpkins go down for the count.    So here we are, March 23rd, pumpkinless and starting to think that we should get ready for a cold winter.  The summer has been cool to say the least and it look as though the trend is going to carry on.   I am not too worried about the demise of the pumpkins,  I am still a skier at heart so I would rather be short on pumpkins and long on powder (snow that is).  Bring on the winter……

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